Welcome to sUTL

sUTL is an acronym which stands for sUTL Universal Transform Language.

sUTL is used to transform JSON structures from one form to another. That is, sUTL transforms data.

sUTL itself is also expressed as JSON.

You can use sUTL in the same way that you would use a templating language like Jinja or Mustache. But instead of transforming data to text, it transforms data into data. It changes the shape of the data.

sUTL is useful wherever you manipulate JSON. Whether it's come from an API, from a No SQL database, or has been natively generated by your code, your JSON data structure can be transformed using a declarative sUTL transform.

The sUTL Language and all implementations and tooling are available to you under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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